Susan Jean Art: Abstracts NFT Info

Susan Jean Art: Abstracts on OpenSea is my genesis NFT art collection-fun! It is a unique mix of my perfectly imperfect intuitive abstract expressionism style and features a variety of my experimental analog & digital mixed media techniques. I love to use all the mediums and all the colors!



The Genesis Collection = 1000 NFTs. Series included:

- 73 x "Intuitive Abstract Expressionism"

- 73 x "Animated Abstracts"

- 777 x "Crypto ATCs" (Artist Trading Cards): my gift to the NFT community! These ATCs were created as a nod to when I used to host ATC art swaps in Las Vegas! They have been airdropped to my collectors, in giveaways, listed for 0 ETH/as close to 0 ETH on Polygon as possible at the time of listing, & now the remaining Crypto ATCs (#202-777) are reservable ONLY for my ETH & ETH on Polygon collectors (from any of my NFT collections!) for 0 ETH (just pay gas)! To reserve yours head to the "Collectors Claimables" section in my Discord & look for the "0 ETH ATCs" channel:

-77 x "Crypto ATCs 2.0"

Genesis Collection Holder Perks include: 

-Use your NFT art! All Abstract NFTs (excluding collabs/remixes) now include non-exclusive licensing/commercial rights for NFT holder so go ahead and get creative with how you use it! (including older ones that say "for personal use only"). Please do not claim art as your own, give credit to when possible, and keep all usage: filled with good vibes, family friendly/all ages friendly, and no hate/no politics/no religion please. Looking forward to seeing what we create together!

-"Collectors Claimables": periodic claimable giveaways, airdrops, sales, etc. Announcements are made on my Twitter/Discord.

Completed events in Genesis Collection:
-Genesis Collection holders were automatically eligible for my 1st year era "Collectors Airdrop Giveaways"! 
Surprise NFT gifts were airdropped on both ETH & ETH on Polygon. For ETH on Polygon airdrops: check your hidden folder & easily unhide them. NFTs may be from any of my OpenSea NFT collections (not just Abstracts). Announcements were made on Twitter/Discord.

-Crypto ATCs #1-100 holders were airdropped corresponding Crypto ATCs #101-200 in Feb-March 2022

-2021 Charity donations were made to:,, 

Giving back together:
-A portion of proceeds from this collection is donated to various charities - yay!

-Donation goal:
When we hit 10 ETH sold in the Genesis Collection, I'll donate 1 ETH to a kid's art charity to celebrate!


All NFTs on IPFS. IPFS links can be found when you click the little arrow button in the NFT that says "View on Susan Jean Art: Abstracts" and/or in the unlockable content once you purchase the NFT. Some may have links in the NFT info section too.