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Abstracts NFT Info

 Hi! I'm Susan Jean and I LOVE making abstracts! I create a unique & eclectic mix of perfectly imperfect intuitive abstract expressionism style of work that features a variety of my experimental analog & digital mixed media techniques.  I love to use all the mediums and all the colors!

Quick Links:

Susan Jean Art: Abstracts on OpenSea
(my Genesis collection! ETH & ETH on Polygon NFTs)

 Susan Jean: Intuitive Abstract Expressionism on OpenSea
(my custom ERC721 contract collection! ETH NFTs)

  SusanJean.art on Objkt
(TEZ NFTs: mini Abstract HEN collection)

(DeSo NFT)

Current Happenings/Holder Perks:

-"Collectors Claimables": periodic claimable NFT airdrops & sales. Announcements are made on my Twitter/Discord

 -Use your NFT art! Simply by owning one of my NFTs you can instantly become a Susan Jean Art Licensee! See my Licensee page for more details! 

Giving back together:
A portion of sales from all of my NFT collections is pooled together and donated to various charities throughout the year with NFT fundraiser events - yay! Check out the Charity page to see what charities we've donated to so far!