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Fancy Pants NFT Info

Hey there Fancy Pants! Fancy Pants is a unique generative & couture handmade NFT art collection that was created by Susan Jean as a funny nod to her passion for fashion & silliness with the help of her husband who wrote the (fancy!) custom generative software for Gen 1. Fancy Pants are here to remind us to be silly & have fun embracing the art of expressing our awesome selves through fashion. Browse the rack to find your favs & add them to your closet fancy friends! The Pants have been bringing fanciness to the blockchain since April 2021! (You're welcome!)


Gen 1 is a collection of 1000 NFTs. Series included are:

Spring/Summer '21 Line = 888 NFTs: The 1st/main series of mostly generated pants/a select few were later hand altered for a fab couture touch.

Look for RARE pants! Rare pants properties include: Vintage Shop, Thrift Store, Boutique, Garage Sale, Hand-me-down, Clothes Swap, Animated, Color Changing, Featured in Collab, & Featured in Remix.

All pants in this series were created/minted in Spring/Summer '21. Some were hand selected by our sales associates to be deleted/reminted in the collection later in '21 to add a GAS FREE ETH on Polygon SALE rack!

All handmade series in Gen 1:
-Fashion Show
(remixes/collabs!)=20 NFTs
-Fall '21 Line=10 NFTs
-Fancy Patches=27 NFTs
-Winter '21 Line=55 NFTs


Gen 2: is a mini collection of 25 NFTs featuring The "BC" (BitClout) series. Minted Sept-Dec 2021 on BitClout (Deso). The same collection is also available to view/shop on NFTz and Diamond.

Gen 3: The Fashion Show Continues
A mini collection of 5 NFTs that started minting March 27, 2022 on Rarible (TEZ). The same collection is also available to view/shop Objkt.

Current Gen 1, 2, & 3 Happenings/Holder Perks include: 

-"Collectors Claimables": periodic claimable NFT airdrops & sales. Announcements are made on my Twitter/Discord

-Use your NFT art! Simply by owning one of my NFTs you can instantly become a Susan Jean Art Licensee! See my Licensee page for more details! 

Giving back together:
A portion of sales from all of my NFT collections is pooled together and donated to various charities throughout the year with NFT fundraiser events - yay! Check out the Charity page to see what charities we've donated to so far!