Fancy Pants NFT Info

Fancy Pants is a unique (some might even say couture!) generative & handmade NFT art collection created by independent artist/designer Susan Jean as a funny nod to her passion for fashion. Fancy Pants are here to remind us to be silly and have fun embracing the art of expressing our awesome selves through fashion. Browse the rack to find your favs & add them to your closet fancy friends! The Pants have been bringing fanciness to the blockchain since April 2021! (You're welcome!)

Quick Links:
Gen 1 



The Gen 1 Collection = 1000 NFTs
Series included are:

Spring/Summer '21 Line = 888 NFTs: The 1st/main series of mostly generated pants/some hand altered.

Look for RARE pants! Rare pants properties include: Vintage Shop, Thrift Store, Boutique, Garage Sale, Hand-me-down, Clothes Swap, Animated, Color Changing, Featured in Collab, & Featured in Remix.

All pants in this series were created/minted in Spring/Summer '21. Some were hand selected by our sales associates to be deleted/reminted in the collection later in '21 to add a GAS FREE ETH on Polygon SALE rack!

All handmade series in Gen 1:
-Fashion Show
(remixes/collabs!)=20 NFTs
-Fall '21 Line=10 NFTs
-Fancy Patches=27 NFTs
-Winter '21 Line=55 NFTs

Gen 1 & 2 Holder Perks include: 

Automatically eligible for NFT airdrop giveaways (while supply lasts). OpenSea/Gen 1: Check your hidden folder & easily unhide them.  NFTs may be from any of my OpenSea NFT collections! Gen 2/BitClout: Check your notifications/approve transfer under the NFTs tab/pending transfers. Announcements will be made on Twitter/Discord/BitClout.
-Get creative with your NFT art and let's grow together!! All Fancy Pants NFTs (excluding collabs/remixes) now include non-exclusive licensing/commercial rights for NFT holder! (including older ones that say "for personal use only"). Please do not claim art as your own, give credit to Fancy Pants, tag on social media/link to NFT when possible, and keep all usage family friendly.
-Periodic exclusive NFT giveaways & sales. Announcements will be made on Twitter/Discord/BitClout.

Gen 3: The Fashion Show Continues
Started minting March 27, 2022!! 
on TEZ on Rarible


Giving back together:
A portion of proceeds from the Gen 1 collection is donated to various charities. Plus when 8 ETH is sold, 1 ETH will be donated to a food bank charity to celebrate!

2021 Charity donations were given to:,, 

Fun fact about me: I've always had a passion for the arts & I graduated with an Associate of Science in Fashion Design. What better way to put that fancy degree to use than with this Fancy Pants NFT project, am I right?!?!

Did somebody say #nftcommunity?! We LOVE our fancy frens and have even made some remixes/collabs with some of our favs! Find them in our Fashion Show series in Gen 1

Collab with Crypto Carnies

Collab with CryptoLucho's Cars

Collab with The Hares

Cool Cats Remix