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Pixelated Dreams NFT Info

Pixelated Dreams is my abstract pixely art collection inspired by the wild yet dreamy adventures of NFTs and all the amazing pixels living on the blockchain. Dare to chase your dreams friends!

Quick Links:

This collection=100 NFTs total! Collection includes: 85 x art NFTs & 15 x ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). Fun fact: Pixelated Dreams ATCs originally had more in its series total BUT in the spirit of IRL trading card collecting & how many cards get discarded over time, the series total was significantly reduced (making the remaining NFTs even more RARE)!

Current Happenings/Holder Perks:
-"Collectors Claimables": 
periodic claimable NFT airdrops & sales. Announcements are made on my Twitter/Discord.

-Use your NFT art! Simply by owning one of my NFTs you can instantly become a Susan Jean Art Licensee! See my Licensee page for more details! 

Giving back together:
A portion of sales from all of my NFT collections is pooled together and donated to various charities throughout the year with NFT fundraiser events - yay! Check out the Charity page to see what charities we've donated to so far!