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Unicorn Women NFTs

Unicorn Women are magical beings from around the universe that Susan Jean creates to represent the magical & extraordinary women all around us today & throughout time. (You yourself might even be one!) Unicorn Women celebrate all magical humans who identify as women. This art collection includes a unique mix of perfectly imperfect intuitive & experimental analog & digital mixed media techniques. Unicorn Women started as a painting series on canvas/wood/ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) in the 20-teens that have shown in galleries, live in private collections, & been made into prints/merch. Their most recent adventure has been hanging out on the blockchain as NFTs since April 2021!

The eclectic Gen 1 collection includes 5 art series & is 250 NFTs total on OpenSea (ETH & ETH on Polygon). Less is more: some NFTs in some mini series have been burned! Series include:

100 x "Unicorn Woman" (Main open series/continued in Gen 3!) & the following Limited Mini Series: "Recharge", "Unicorn Women Unite", "Love & Hope", "Enjoy the Simple Things".

Gen 2 is a mini collection featuring "Visionary", a limited series of 50. Minted August 2021-June 2022 on BitClout (Deso). The same collection is also available to view/shop on NFTz and Diamond

Gen 3 is the continuation of the series "Unicorn Woman" from Gen 1 starting with #101 and started minting May 2022 on Exchange.art (SOL).

Current Gen 1 Happenings/Holder Perks:
-"Collectors Claimables": periodic claimable NFT airdrops & sales. Announcements are made on my Twitter/Discord

Current Gen 1Gen 2, & Gen 3 Happenings/Holder Perks: 
-Use your NFT art! Simply by owning one of my NFTs you can instantly become a Susan Jean Art Licensee! See my Licensee page for more details! 

Giving back together:
A portion of sales from all of my NFT collections is pooled together and donated to various charities throughout the year with NFT fundraiser events - yay! Check out the Charity page to see what charities we've donated to so far!

Remember: You are magical.